more Liberation pix coming soon.

including: how to
clean the inevitably goopy mess that results from the degradation of the black foam that kept dust out of the circuits for the first 10 years of a Liberation's life.
update Feb, 2007:
Chris Burell of is producing a direct replacement for the MM5823N, solders right in place. i gotta say, the price is silly... silly cheap, that is. i ordered 3 and he sent them right away. get a handfull of these and be set for life, or get 3 handfulls and redo your whole Polymoog! he's also doing a 5824 replacement (similar voltage divider, but found in Hammond organs).

update: 18 Dec, 2005
i found a 5823 for my Liberation. obtained from technologytransplant (formerly chipforbrains) - if you are looking for spare parts for vintage synthesizers, check out his eBay auctions and if you don't see what you're looking for, send him an email, he may have it.

here is another place with an extensive selection of parts. they are located in the Netherlands and accept Paypal. Vintage Planet (

chip needed for Moog Liberation!!!

if you have one or know where i can get one...
looking for one of these. i believe it is a voltage divider, part of the Liberation's polyphonic section. one of the pins gives a bad reading - and the corresponding E-flat key is therefore dead, not even the monophonic sound plays.

i believe these chips are also used in one other Moog synth with the Radio Shack badge, the MG-1; which has a very similar voice structure.
* ahhh. they are also used in the Polymoog! anyone have a parts Polymoog? care to send me a 5823? please?

in the schematic it is labelled - MM5823N
National Semiconductor 1815
unknown brand 5823
common number is 22539-002

i need one of these

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