thai chiles, mmmm
synths and gear
here's a list of my gear at present. pix, info + other stuff coming as time allows.

  • Roland JV-90 w/Orchestral rom + VEJV1 voice expansion
  • Roland JX-3P
  • Roland JX-8P + M16-C cartridge
  • Roland Alpha-Juno 2 - currently needs repair. i have obtained the service manual (a.k.a. service notes) and full schematics for the Alpha-Juno 2 (Juno-2, Juno2, Alpha Juno-2) and have done a high quality scan - contact me if you need a copy.
  • Roland Juno-60 x 2
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 - membrane keypad replacement, lots of pix!
  • Oberheim Matrix-6R
  • E-MU XL-1 Turbo w/Orchestral 2 rom
  • Ensoniq ESQ-1 + memory cartridge - currently on loan to a cousin
  • Univox Multiman - string synth
  • Moog Polymoog with Polypedal - currently needs some repair, 70% functional
  • Moog Liberation
  • Korg ER-1 (drum machine)
  • Kenton Electronics Pro-2000 midi-->CV interface

  • Panasonic SV-3700 dat - anybody want to buy this? very low hours
  • Lexicon MPX-100 fx processor
  • MOTU midi express XT midi interface
  • next! VOX-11 vocoder - a MAM VF-11 with a different name on the front
  • Ashly SG35E quad gate - owners manual available as pdf - contact me
  • Allen & Heath GL2 mixer
  • Korg MS-01 foot controller (+ and - CV outputs!)
  • 2 patch bays

  • ye olde 586/133mHz PC with Cakewalk 5 - still use this for sequencing
  • Mac G4 w/OWC 1gHz upgrade (running at 900mHz) - dp3/4, Numerology
  • Klipsch Promedia 2.1 - speakers, you see

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