here, there may be musik sometimes: none of it is really *finished* or terribly polished,
but here you go anyway.
feel free to download anything. if by some miracle you want to use something for a project or whatever, please let me know.
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new! 26 Nov 2004.

wednesday.mp3 - 10.7mb - 7:47 - 192kbps
an expanded version of a tune first created in 2001... or was it 2002... named wednesday for the day it was written. jv90, jx3p, prophet 600, xl-1, vocoder, mpx100. 80bpm

as yet unnamed collaboration between me and this guy

gitfidel2.mp3 - 694kb
git fidel, our first little bit of back and forth across the atlantic. assembled in live3, but it's kinda all over the shop. extremely "loose" groove (hehe), much work to be done but damn, that guitar sounds nice!


er1juno60boost.mp3 - 5.8mb
6 min experiment using juno60 synth (arpeggiator) + er-1 drum machine + mpx100 fx. repetitive late night junk, but ok for 30 seconds at a time. 122bpm

Numerology section. only 1 so far... more coming soon

bira.mp3 - 15.8mb    10 june 2004
my first somewhat cohesive experiment with Numerology 1.3 . repetitive (that's my middle name). one of the parts is played live - and therefore has some screwups. i'm a crap player and the song is only a day old.. what the hell do you want from me?
starring: oberheim matrix6R, prophet 600, jx3p, jv90, and e-mu xl1 (percussion sounds). 133bpm

more music under the mushrooms little mushrooms

some experiments for an upcoming gallery installation in sweden.
jmills4_142Bmix_basslow.mp3 - 3.9mb
drums made from korg er-1, other sounds from e-mu xl-1.   142bpm
jmills5_143_mix2.mp3 - 1.8mb
quick mix, straight from midi sequence into stereo audio track, pure xl-1.   143bpm
xl1_something.mp3 - 708kb
short test using e-mu xl-1 synth module, 142bpm

older stuff - songtitle_bitrate.mp3
satellite_192.mp3 - 2.8mb
started life as an ambient piece. added some drums later. sequence played directly into 2-track stereo file (plus some long reverb added in dp3) from jv90. some folks want me to make this one longer. some day i shall.   don'trememberbpm
mmt8max_192.mp3 - 2.6mb
sold an alesis mmt8 sequencer for a friend on ebay. wrote this to test it. all jv90. no swing in this thing.   120bpm (i think)
little_160.mp3 - 6.9mb
another jv90 only piece. kik drum is mighty heavy in this (i should just re-record it). justing unmuting and muting tracks in the sequence loop as it plays (cakewalk 5).   don'trememberbpm
rawmiditest_192.mp3 - 4.48mb
made in dp3 using jv90 and a borrowed zoom 123 drum machine (for 4-onthefloor loop). first foray into using dp for midi (sometime in 2000, i think) after using cakewalk since '94. seemed to work.   don'trememberbpm
remember_160.mp3 - 9.5mb
made with only my trusty prophet 600 + processors. initially a latched arpeggiator run through the vocoder (mam vf-11 badged as next! vox-11) and mpx100 (delay/reverb) and recorded on cassette. then recorded into dp3 and overdubbed other sounds using prophet + fx again. improvised. headphones material.
mitosis_part2_160.mp3 - 29.3mb
warning: highly repetitive knob twiddling, 25min +
this is the middle section of an hour long improvised knob twiddling session. latched arpeggio on prophet 600 midi-ed to jx8p, run through vocoder and mpx100 for fx. recorded on a shitty 120minute tape (regular bias) because that's all i had available at the moment. therefore, you will undoubtedly hear some, shall we say "artifacts"?
as repetitive as this is, there's something about the sounds that i never get tired of hearing.
i prefer this piece on good headphones, late at night, when it's dark, real dark (or with some kind of visuals generator thingy)

as network theory, another moniker

rappaport_160.mp3 - 7.6mb
also rather repetitive
yet another prophet 600 latched arpeggio (just love that dang thing!) + oberheim matrix6r + vocoder + fx. the vocoder is as much an instrument as the synths in this one. then again, i consider it an instrument in every track i use it for - to a greater or lesser degree. improvised.
someone said this sounds like some kind of mechanical insects' mating call...? ha.

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