here are links to some of my favorite people and interesting things. adding more as i remember:

people - surfing, photography, drums and keyboards. he's very good at all of it. one of my best friends too. - bro - girlfriend. she's over 6 feet tall. - friend, a very good one.  makes good music. also has a flair for writing. - call him Doppler. one of my best mates from back in the day. makes music. and juice. - cousin. a smart, creative guy. - F. Gerard Errante. friend and fellow musician. amazing clarinetist. has a repetoire of everything from the ancient to the cutting edge of electronics/software - e.g. MAX/MSP and woodwinds. - Sean Rogg. longtime friend. video artist, dj, appreciator of the weird and wonderful. has recently shown work at the ICA, Wapping Project, Bloomberg SPACE in London, and Modern Art Oxford in Oxford UK. currently based in Stockholm. - The Waldorf project is an art performance that will create an immersive experience on a grand stage intended to connect the senses through food, drink, dance, sound, and environment. It is a continuation of an art practice involving food and drink that artist Sean Rogg has been exploring for many years.

Each chapter will have a theme, which will act as the inspiration for the various aspects of the performance.

The first chapter will run for 5 nights with 40 guests per night. Lasting Approximately 3 hours. Venue - Netil House, London, UK.

Key to this concept is the synergy between the various aspects of the event and the imaginations of the creative team. A food designer, Chefs, a choreographer, a sommelier, a production designer and a sound designer, all being directed and connected by Sean Rogg. - Tim Rogg. another longtime friend of mine. lives in London, UK. a very talented director and editor of films and videos - really knows his stuff. i've always told him he should teach a class on film... i hope he does someday. guess who is his brother...
alpha-juno 2 board

gear/coffee/whathaveyou - formerly good resource for all things mac osX audio/midi related - a guy in California. he makes cool music, has amazing synths, and has written a mushroom cookbook - makers of Numerology. amazing software to accomplish what analog sequencers did + a lot more - CHD Elekroservis - Czech company that makes some interesting midi-->CV and midi-->DCB converters (for Roland Juno-60 and Jupiter 8). i have no experience with their gear, but it looks like the business. also some good info about DCB including schematics and data format. (site is in Czech and English) - an excellent resource for coffee info, also buy green beans here. they know their stuff. - a new small company selling green coffee, based in Montreal. i have not purchased from them - if you do, let me know how it is!

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